Maria do Pilar Ribeiro - Portugal.

Maria Pilar Ribeiro is the associate number one  of the Portuguese Mathematical Society (SPM). She was one of its founders, as well as the Gazette of Mathematics. Along with Paulo José da Silva, she was responsible for the translation into Portuguese of the book of Hilbert, Foundations of Geometry, published in 1951 and republished in 2003. 
Pilar Ribeiro was born in Lisbon on October 5, 1911. At a time that it was not common for women take a course, she graduated in mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, in the year 1933. At the same time, she married with the mathematical Hugo Ribeiro, who met during the course. 
After an internship in Pedro Nunes high school , she taught the discipline of mathematics at the Camões Lycée. In the same period, she attending the General Analysis Seminar, organized by António Aniceto Monteiro. 
Between 1942 and 1946, she accompanied her husband to Zurich, where he did the doctorate. Pilar Ribeiro then attended several specialization courses in Mathematics at the Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich. 
In 1947, following the exclusion of several mathematics in Portugal, the couple left for the United States of America. Pilar Ribeiro was then an instructor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University. 
After April 25, the couple returned to Portugal. From 1976 to 1980, Pilar Ribeiro was professor at the Porto's University and the Abel Salazar Biomedical School. 
Text adapted from SPM (Portuguese Mathematical Society)

In October 2011, a few months after her death, CTT issued a Postal Stationery with stamp and postcard showing the picture of the honoree.

Published/edited: 10/01/2015