Mathematics education

A substantial number of stamps have appeared featuring the teaching of elementary mathematics. These include:


  • a Portuguese stamp showing numbers and simple arithmetic 
  • a Guinea-Bissau stamp illustrating the teaching of the geometry of a circle 
  • a Russian stamp showing a group of adult workers studying the trigonometry of a triangle 
  • a British Virgin Islands stamp showing a class learning to use a computer • a Swaziland stamp showing primary school children experimenting with balances 
  • a St Lucia stamp showing the teaching of the names of numbers 
  • a Maldive Islands stamp illustrating the use of television to teach children the geometry of a triangle. 

 [British Virgin Islands 1996; Guinea-Bissau 1980; Maldive Islands 1970; Portugal 2009; Russia 1961; St Lucia 1990; Swaziland 1984]


Publicado/editado: 03/02/2015