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There are many hundreds of postage stamps relating to mathematics, ranging from the earliest forms of counting to the modern computer age. Here you will meet many of the mathematicians who contributed to this story – influential figures such as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Newton and Einstein – and will learn about those areas, such as navigation, astronomy and art, whose study aided this development.

This website is aimed at anyone interested in mathematics and its applications. Although parts of it assume some knowledge of school- or college- level mathematics, most of it should be of interest to those without this background. In particular, we hope that it will also attract a philatelic audience.

This is not a history of mathematics in the conventional sense of the word. Several important mathematicians and topics are omitted, due to the absence of suitable stamps featuring them, while others may have assumed undue prominence because of the abundance of attractive images. Where appropriate we have let the stamps dictate the story.

Postage stamps are an attractive vehicle for presenting mathematics and its development to general audiences.

We are grateful to the postal authorities whose stamps are featured here. Anyone who feels that their rights have been infringed is invited to contact us and we will correct the situation as soon as possible.

Matemática: uma história filatélica
Dez Fórmulas Matemáticas
Contando pelos dedos
Matemática antiga
Egito, Mesopotâmia e Grécia
Pirâmides Egípcias
Matemática Egípcia
Matemática mesopotâmica
Tales e Pitágoras
Teorema de Pitágoras
Academia de Platão
Astronomia Grega
Magic Squares
Matemática Chinesa
Maias e Incas
Jogos Antigos
Jogo de Go
Cientistas Islâmicos
Alhazen e Omar Khayyam
Nasir al-Din al-Tusi
Europa Islâmica
Samarkand: al-Kashi and Ulugh Beg
Os primeiros estudiosos europeus
Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa)
O crescimento da aprendizagem
The invention of printing
Albrecht Dürer
Portuguese navigation
The age of exploration
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes - Portugal
Navigational instruments
Quadrantes, sextantes e octantes
Nicolaus Copernicus
Tycho Brahe
Johannes Kepler
Galileo Galilei
Reforming the calendar
The low countries
Early calculating devices
China e Japão
René Descartes
Mersenne e Fermat
Blaise Pascal
Isaac Newton
Gravitação de Newton
Cometa Halley
Leibniz e Bernoulli
William Rowan Hamilton
Leonhard Euler
The shape of the earth
The New World
Desenvolvimentos em França
A Revolução Francesa
A Escola Politécnica
Carl Friedrich Gauss
New geometries
Abel e Galois
Europa Oriental
Mathematical physics
The nature of light
Albert Einstein
Quantum theory
The turn of the century
O Século XX
Fractal geometry
Pioneers of computing
The development of computing
Bletchley Park codebreakers
Computer art and graphics
International Congresses (ICM)
ICM 2014, Seoul, Coreia do Sul
Fields medallists
World Mathematical Year 2000
Ano Internacional da Cristalografia - Portugal
Mathematics in nature
20th-century painting
Op art
The geometry of space
Mathematical recreations
Mathematics education
Tabuada - Multiplication table - Portugal
Dia do Pi - Pi Day - Portugal
Triangular stamps
Círculos e Elipses
Stamping through Mathematics
Maria do Pilar Ribeiro - Portugal
Sebastião e Silva - Portugal
Bento de Jesus Caraça - Portugal
Mira Fernandes - Portugal
Matemática do Planeta Terra - Portugal

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